Cultural Tours In Akagera National Park

Cultural tours in Akagera national park take you through 4 cultural experiences

Community And Cultural Tours In Akagera National Park Rwanda

Community tours around Akagera national park take you through the nearby local communities for you to have an opportunity of interacting with local people living around the park about their day-to-day activities. A community cultural tour around Akagera national park is the best way to spice up your safari experience before or after exciting wildlife viewing in the savannah plains of the park. You can enjoy the community cultural tours around Akagera national park by hiring a tour guide or a freelancer community guide.

Community cultural tours in Akagera national park take you through 4 cultural experiences; the local production of beer and bees, the heritage – what is known as the culture of cattle, art and craft, and lastly celebration – festivities and food. Each of these community cultural experiences takes you through different experiences ranging from milking cattle, indulging yourself in interesting traditional and cultural dances, sampling honey on the comb, food preparation as well as the Imigongo paintings. Community cultural tours take you about 3 hours and they cost $20.

The Humure refuge village tour

Humure refugee village is just a 40 minutes’ drive away from Akagera national park of Rwanda. A community cultural tour to Humure refugee village will get you a chance to pay a visit to the local cooperatives and also a chance to enjoy the beautiful dances and be part of food preparation. Tourists on Humure refugee village tour drive from the southern sector of Akagera national park through the beautiful lakes to the north and finally to Mutumba hills. The available accommodation in this area is Ruzizi tented camo which s of luxury type and Akagera game lodge which is mid-range.

The Imigongo art and craft Centre

Imigongo art and craft Centre is one of the most famous cultural sites that you shouldn’t miss visiting while on a cultural safari in Akagera national park. It was decorated by Prince Kakira and is managed by a group of women who had a common idea of using cow dung to smear on the walls of the house. Create, innovate Imigongo art-making as a way to create job opportunities for youth and women in rural areas in Rwanda is the mission of Imigongo art and craft center. The Centre was founded by Zacharie Ngenzi and Charles Ashimwe. A cultural tour to Imigongo art and craft Centre gives you an opportunity to observe and engage in the whole process of making art pieces.

Heritage In Rwanda

The heritage takes you through a unique cultural experience where you get an opportunity to engage in milking a cow and also explore the rituals around milk and it’s treated and stored for a long time. Other things you can learn include modern and traditional methods of beekeeping or learn about the local production of banana beer.

Taking part in community cultural tours is the best way to support communities that live around Akagera national park. To have the best of cultural experience in Akagera national park, then take part in any of the above-mentioned cultural experiences a must to do and you will be rewarded with unforgettable moments. Rwanda as a country has very hospitable people with so many communities living around the national parks in the country. In volcanoes national park, the SCOLA Community is famous that has brought communities together to share a common goal of improving their standards of living through tourism.

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