Chimpanzees In Virunga National Park Congo

The Virunga National Park has a hidden gem of chimpanzee family which you can visit anytime and is better habituated.

Chimpanzees In Virunga National Park Congo

Chimpanzees in Virunga national park Congo are primate species which are seen in the wilderness by the tourists as they meander in the Congo Safari Tours. These chimpanzees are biggest tourist attractions found in the eastern parts of DRC and mountain gorillas are found in the Virunga National Park, Mgahinga and Bwindi of Uganda and Volcanoes National Park of Rwanda. Mountain gorilla species have few individuals remaining of about 1000 in the whole entire world. Tourists love to visit this park so as to do gorilla trekking.  The Virunga National Park has a hidden gem of chimpanzee family which you can visit anytime and is better habituated.

Chimpanzees are situated in Mahura forest in the Rumangabo sector of Virunga National Park. Any visitor who has booked an accommodation at Mikeno lodge, the luxury lodge of Virunga or Bukima tented camp may decide to visit them. Habituation is the main activity which is done in the Virunga National Park instead of the common gorilla trekking activity. The rangers take you through this by beginning your journey as early as 4:30am and they will meet visitors at 6:00 am to brief them and you they will at a point where chimpanzees can be found. Only 4 people are allowed to participate or visit in the habituation spots and the permit costs at around 100 USD per person. You will spend one hour in their company once you find or encounter them. You will take pictures with these primates as they are playing, jumping and they do not settle in one place. Therefore your pictures will be full of wonderful poses and therefore you should photo yourself in any position you’re in.

The Chimpanzees are known to be so the closest relatives of human beings with a DNA similarity of 98% however it is 5 times stronger that humans. People say it will take 5 men to wrestle down a fully grown up Chimpanzee. Therefore it is recommended that you should not spoil their moods as you follow the guidelines presented to you by the rangers who you will be with at your trek.

Since 1st July 2019, Virunga National Park offers the habituation experience of Chimpanzee. You will be delight to join a team that is researching on Chimpanzee family that is living in Mahura Forest. This part of the park was previously closed because of the rebel troops that had taken over the area and disturbed the flaw of tourism industry. The constant fights and wars have also led to the deaths of some chimpanzees since they destroyed the habitants of these species. The area has currently regained stability and visitors are encouraged to tour the park.

Few packages are offered at Virunga National Park and some of these packages include Chimpanzee habituation at Mahura forest family which is known as the great ape package and is a 5 day package. Virunga expedition package lasts for 11 days, Rutshuru package is offered for 10 days and can be booked via Africa Adventure Vacations for the greatest experience that you will never forget.

We have done the booking for tours for Virunga National Park for a while now and trust me you will never be disappointed if you reach to us to arrange for you a chimpanzee tour safari.

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