What is the price of Buhoma Gorilla trekking permits?

Buhoma gorilla trekking permits cost USD700 per person per trek

Buhoma Gorilla Permits In Bwindi Forest National Park

Buhoma gorilla permits- Buhoma region in the north of Bwindi Impenetrable forest National Park is one of the most sought-after regions in the whole regions of Bwindi impenetrable Forest National Park, Buhoma gorilla permits tend to sell out so fast. Buhoma is a popular gorilla trekking destination in Bwindi since it is the region where gorilla trekking was first registered and thus gorilla trekking in Uganda has its history and origin in the Buhoma gorilla trekking sector. Mubare was the forest gorilla family to be habituated in Buhoma in 1993 when it was first trekked by the tourists. Because of this attachment, gorilla permits are so sold firstly because most of the popular individuals or the tourists and the tour operators buy all these permits immediately.

Why gorilla permits in Buhoma are popular?

Buhoma gorilla permits are so popular among the tourist and the individual tour operators. Most of the tourists who visit the Buhoma gorilla trekking sector in the Northern Park have testified that the gorilla in the Buhoma gorilla trekking region is easy to trek and compared to other gorilla trekking regions however this might depend on individual opinion as it is not scientifically proven. Even some of the gorillas sometimes could be seen from the park headquarters for the visitors even to see them when they are at their lodges. And this explains how closer the gorillas in the Buhoma sector are.  There was even a popular video whereby the Rushegula gorilla family filmed at the Buhoma parks headquarters a piece of clear evidence that seeing these gorillas is easy as compared to trekking to other gorillas trekking regions. It is also important to note that sometimes a photo of gorillas rotating around the accommodation lodges in Bwindi such as engage, Gorilla Forest Camp, and Buhoma community camp, and Bwindi Volcanoes Lodge. All these give confidence to the visitors to believe that gorillas in Buhoma are close to the starting point. However, gorilla trekking is strenuous, and sometimes people who have trekked Mubare gorilla family group and Habinyanja gorilla family tend to move for long distance to search for food which sometimes may make you travel and move for long distances.

Because of the above narrative, Buhoma gorilla permits are so popular. Further, the altitude of the Buhoma gorilla trekking sector in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park has made gorilla parts of Buhoma so popular. It is important to note that Buhoma is at the lowest point of the park or altitude compared to other gorilla trekking regions and this makes the gorilla permits popular as other of those regions.

Another reason why gorilla permits for Buhoma are popular is Buhoma feature beautiful lodges for the visitors. Booking Buhoma gorilla trekking permits will make you sometimes feel headache when it comes to choosing the lodge where to stay because of the very many lodge availability. There are different lodges in Buhoma ranging from budget to luxury. Some of the luxury lodges in Buhoma include Gorilla Forest Camp. Mahogany, Engagi, Buhoma Lodge, Bwindi Volcanoes Loges while the midrange accommodation facilities include Buhoma Haven Lodge, Kitandara Tented Camp among others. Still, you can as well book for the budget accommodation facilities in and around the Buhoma gorilla trekking region and these include the Buhoma community rest camp. All the gorilla permits for Buhoma tend to attract all the categories of travelers to stay indifferent lodge facilities and accommodation available in Buhoma.

Also important is that the Buhoma region is located close to Queen Elizabeth National Park and thus visitors find it easy to combine the gorilla trekking safaris in Buhoma with game viewing and boat cruise safaris at the Kazinga channel. From the Buhoma gorilla trekking sector of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park, you will need to drive for 2 to 3 hours to access queen Elizabeth National park which is a popular destination for tree-climbing lions in the Ishasha sector, you can as well link to Kibale forest National park for chimpanzee tracking.

Also, the availability of daily scheduled flights from Entebbe International Airport to Kihihi airstrip has made it easy to access the Buhoma gorilla trekking sector Aerolink operates daily flights to Kihihi airstrip and from here our guides will be standby to drive you to Buhoma park headquarters for gorilla trekking or to check-in at your lodge, Buhoma has two od daily flights and other regions like Rushaga and Nkuringo there is only 2 daily flight available that is scheduled in the morning.

Booking Buhoma gorilla permits and Buhoma gorilla trekking holidays or safaris

It is important to note that gorilla trekking in the Buhoma sector requires one to have a gorilla trekking permit and this means that you cannot see the gorilla without a gorilla trekking permit. Gorilla tracking on Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park is allocated according to the region of the park where the mountain gorilla’s families or groups are located. In case you want to see the gorilla trekking in the Buhoma sector, then you will have to go and book the gorilla permit for the Buhoma sector and get an opportunity to see the habituated gorilla families. The Uganda Wildlife Authority is responsible for the protection of all National parks in Uganda including the gorilla parks of Bwindi, and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. Further, UWA is the body in charge of releasing the gorilla trekking permits for the Buhoma sector as well as other gorilla trekking regions of the park. In case you’re interested in trekking the gorillas in the Buhoma sector which is located in the Northern part of the park, then you will contact the Africa adventure vacations through email, and then we shall check for you the availability of the Buhoma permits on your preferred dates, months and year of traveling and once we have found the availability, then we shall reserve the permits and we wait for you to pay and once you have paid, then you secure your gorilla permit from UWA headquarters. Remember we shall book for you the gorilla permit for the Buhoma sector only when you have booked with us the inclusive gorilla package, holiday of safari to Uganda or Rwanda.

How many Buhoma Gorilla Permits are available daily?

Buhoma gorilla tracking sector is located in the northern part of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park and there are around five habituated gorillas in Buhoma which include the Mubare gorilla family Muyambi, Katwe gorilla family, Rushegura gorilla family, and Habinyanja gorilla family. Each gorilla trekking family is visited by 8 visitors daily which means that there about 40 gorilla trekking permits that real available for tourists in the Buhoma gorilla trekking sector at any time of the day.

How are Buhoma gorilla trekking permits allocated?

Visitors interested in gorilla trekking in the Buhoma gorilla trekking sector must be done it in advance because the gorilla trekking permits for Buhoma are based on a first-come, first-serve,  and therefore you are advised to book the permits at least 4 to 5 months in advance

Previously, all the visitors that were interested in Buhoma gorillas and other regions of Bwindi such as Ruhija, Rushaga, and Nkuringo would book the gorilla trekking permits for the particular gorilla families.  There are about 5 gorilla families in Buhoma which you can book and trek and these include the Katwe gorilla family, the Mubare gorilla family, the Habinyanja gorilla family, Muyambi Gorilla family, and Rushegura gorilla family.  In this case, it means that 40 permits would be available for the 5 habituated gorilla families in the Buhoma sector however this changed and now the gorilla permits are booked based on the gorilla trekking regions and now you can book the Ruhija permit, Nkuringo permits, and Rushaga permits. The moment you book with Africa adventure vacations, our tour consultant will avail all this information to you in detail. Also, the allocation of the gorilla family is done on the actual day of gorilla trekking at the respective regions’ gorilla starting point. The allocation of the gorilla family to a particular client or visitor depends on the physical fitness of the clients, the wish, or the interest of the client among other clients. Please share this information with your driver-guide early enough. Usually, clients prefer gorillas that are near and this is possible that you can get this gorilla family, however, this is not guaranteed because gorillas are wild and sometimes they tend to move for long-distance.

What is the price /cost of Buhoma Gorilla trekking permits?

Just like all the other gorilla trekking permits to Mgahinga and Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park, all Buhoma gorilla trekking permits cost USD700 per person per trek for Foreign Nonresidents, USD600 for Foreign residents, and Uganda shillings 250000 for East African Citizens of Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda. Uganda has one of the affordable gorilla trekking permits as compared to Rwanda that has its gorilla permits being cost $1500 each per person per trek.

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