Buhanga eco lodge

Buhanga eco lodge is a habitat to a number of different tree species in the forest bearing Latin and Greek names that are hard to pronounce.

Buhanga Eco Park In Rwanda

Buhanga Eco Park is found in Rwanda. It’s a forest of hidden treasures with cultural and biological significance to the country of Rwanda most especially the surrounding areas of volcanoes national park in the north west of the country. Buhanga Eco Park is set upon an old sacred site that was used for the coronation rituals if kings of Rwanda.

The history of Rwanda started before the reign of king Yuhi V Musinga. Yuhi V Musinga’s story has deep roots in Nyanza. Buhanga Eco Park was the home of King Gahinga who is believed to be the founder of the kingdom. Many historians say that the first king of Rwanda ruled during the 11th century but there are conflicting reports on the era of this reign.

When you visit Buhanga eco lodge, you will come across the rugged trails which are forged of cut lava stones, weaving through spreading plants and tall trees to the natural soundtrack of birds and the flash of colorful butterflies.

Buhanga eco lodge is a habitat to a number of different tree species in the forest bearing Latin and Greek names that are hard to pronounce. However some tree species have Kinyarwanda names. The tree species with Kinyarwanda names include umusando, ibiganiro and igihondohondo. Some trees in Buhanga Eco Park are over 300 years old.

Buhanga Eco Park covers an area of just 31 hectares and it’s a short drive from volcanoes national park Rwanda famous for hosting endangered mountain gorillas and many tourist visit volcanoes national park for gorilla trekking which is a once in a life time experience. Gorilla trekking has been the most done tourism activity in Rwanda for many years.

Visitors planning to visit Buhanga Eco Park pay the following amount of money. The foreign nonresidents of Rwanda pay $70, foreign residents $35 (adults) and $25 (children), Rwanda citizens  RWF 300 (adults) and RWF 2000 (children), east African citizens pay $25 and east African foreign residents $35 (adults) and $25 (children).

Hiking Buhanga Eco Park is an ideal to visit and discover this natural eco system. As you continue to hike you find a podium of hard, well lava rocks as well as chairs on the edge, this is where the king would be carried the king would be taken to after showering to receive kingship instruments, protection from god and blessings. After here the king would be titled as “Umwami” of Rwanda and the ceremony would be graced by his advisory council, royal sorcerers, elders and clan heads.

While in volcanoes national park, visitors has a variety of activities to do among which include the famous gorilla trekking, golden monkey trekking, visit to Dian Fossey grave, Karisoke research center.

Another interesting thing about Rwanda is that there are other attractive national parks such as Ngungwe forest national park which is famous for chimpanzee trekking, Akagera national park popular for game viewing and Giswati Mukura national park for primate watching.

Ngungwe forest national park is the heart of wildlife of Rwanda including chimpanzees and other 12 species of primates among which include l’hoest’s monkeys that are endemic to the Albertine rift and a number of beautify colored birds.

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