What is included while booking Rwanda gorilla tour trek?

It is important to know the inclusive and exclusives in your Rwanda gorilla trek tours.

Booking Rwanda Gorilla Tour To Volcanoes National Park

Are you interested in booking a Rwanda gorilla tour to Volcanoes National park to see the mountain gorillas that are human-like? at Africa Adventure Vacations, we provide you with information on how best you can book your Rwanda gorilla treks to volcanoes national park.  Gorilla treks involve the activity whereby the visitors accompanied by guides, rangers, and researchers walk into the gorilla park this time the volcanoes national park and see the endangered mountain gorillas in their natural habitat. Tourists will see the gorillas for only one hour and any person interested in gorilla trekking in Rwanda must have a valid gorilla trekking permit purchased from Rwanda Development Board or a local tourism company. Rwanda has got only one national park where gorilla treks are conducted and this is called Volcanoes National Park with 10 habituated gorilla family available for gorilla trekking. Daily, only 8 people are allowed to visit each habituated gorilla family meaning that Rwanda has got 80 gorilla trekking permits to sell daily.

Procedures for booking Rwanda gorilla tour to see gorillas in volcanoes National Park.

If your there and you feel like going for Rwanda gorilla safaris, then you will need to have reliable information that will help you to book your Rwanda gorillas safaris to see mountain gorillas. Africa Adventure Vacations is a reliable company and organizes gorilla treks to Rwanda’s volcanoes national park that suits your interests and demands. We also help you in booking the Rwanda gorilla trekking safari with all that it is inclusive such as gorilla trekking permit, accommodation, and transport. As I earlier said, Gorilla trekking takes place in Volcanoes National park in Rwanda, and to engage in gorilla trekking safaris in this park, you will be required to produce valid gorilla trekking permits to be able to see the gorillas. Believe me, you will be 100% sure that you will see the gorillas once you book and secure a gorilla trekking permit

At Africa adventure vacations we organize all the tour safaris and packages to Rwanda you just need to contact us on your intended dates of travel and then we check for the availability as we notify you once we have confirmed the availability and once you’re okay with provided dates then we go ahead and we book the permit tentatively as we wait for you to make payments and once payments are done then where applicable send you scanned copies of your receipts. At Africa adventure vacations we allow majorly two modes of payment for your Rwanda gorilla treks and that is through use of the bank transfer and the credit card payment. You can as well pay cash at our offices in case you happen to get to Uganda but the previous models are the best. We shall go and pay for your gorilla trekking permit once we get the money on our account and we secure for you the permit and after that, we shall send you a copy of your receipts and a copy of your Rwanda volcano gorilla trekking permit for accountability and record keeping.it is important to note that gorilla trekking permits enable you to access the volcanoes national park, have your ranger guide, security, and one hour of seeing gorillas. However, the permit does not include your transportation to and from Volcanoes National Park and a lodge where you are going to stay. All the services above should be booked early enough in advance to avoid inconveniences. The issues of transport and accommodation are booked separately and at Africa Adventure Vacations we will help in booking for you one of the luxurious lodges as well as a comfortable transport system depending on your budget.

Your Rwanda gorilla safari accommodation facilities

At Africa, adventure Vacations will help you to book the best conformation accommodation lodge around the Volcanoes National Park. Because of the constant gorilla trips we have made in Volcanoes national park, we have made connections with very many lodge owners including those of budget midrange and the luxury lodges and therefore it becomes easy for us to book for you an ambient lodge for your comfortable stay. What you need is you to tell us and then for us, we shall book for you the lodge that matches your interests. Some of the best lodges in and around Volcanoes National Park include Sabinyo Silverback, Bisate Lodge, Virunga Volcanoes Lodge, and Mountain Gorillas’ Nest Lodge. These accommodation facilities are so nice and they ensure that services are so nice and they give you the best with VIP rooms with best quality room services and offering both soft and hard drinks. Other lodges in the midrange category include Davic Lodge, Mountain gorilla view Lodge, Lebambou Gorilla Lodge at the best affordable rates. There are also options for travelers who are on a budget and such accommodation facilities include Home Inn, Faraji Hotel, Virunga hotel, Kinigi Hotel, La Palme among others.

Booking for your transportation to Volcanoes Gorilla treks to see gorillas.

Yes, it is important to note that gorilla trekking safaris to Rwanda can never be complete without you booking the transportation means to and from Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda.at Africa adventure Vacations we ate experts when it comes to booking for you the means of transport of your choice basically from Kigali international airport to volcanoes National park and from Volcanoes National park back to Kigali after the gorillas’ treks in the park. We have got several vehicles for this cause and visitors especially those in the budget we have got a4×4 Safari Vans and 4×4 Land cruisers for luxurious travelers. Our safari vehicles provide a lot of comforts and are handled by experienced tour guides and believe me that you will have accompaniment such as drinking water, free Masks, Sanitizers while using our vehicles. The road from Kigali to Volcanoes National park is in good condition and it will take around 2 to 3 hours to access Volcanoes National Park.

When is the best time for booking Rwanda gorilla tour and safaris?

Rwanda has got the most expensive gorilla permits however the gorilla permits in Rwanda sell out very quickly despite the high prices. This usually happened when it high season thus if you delay booking you might miss this great opportunity to trek gorillas in Volcanoes National Park. Therefore here at Africa Adventure vacations, we recommend that you book your gorilla trekking safaris in advance (around 4 months in advance) and once you have secured your gorilla trekking permit, then you can go ahead start arranging for your accommodation and transportation since they are also essential components of the safari to see mountain gorillas in Volcanoes National Park. Remember that gorilla trekking takes places throughout the year in Rwanda and your gorilla destination will of course depend on the availability of gorilla trekking permits. The high gorilla trekking season in Rwanda happens from December to February and from June to September where the permits are in high demand and are sold off so quickly and this is a reason why we advise you to book early in advance.

How easy are Rwanda gorilla safari tours to Volcanoes National Park?

Rwanda is the only country where you can go and do gorilla trekking only in just one day unlike in Uganda where you will need 3 days to do gorilla trekking though more interesting. Volcanoes national park is only two to three hours from Kigali international airport and this means that you can leave Kigali to go to volcanoes national park and again go back to Kigali on that every same day. The moment you book your gorilla trekking safari to Rwanda with us at Africa Adventure Vacations, our Rwanda driver-guide will wait for you at Kigali airport to arrive, meets and greets you as he introduces himself and briefs you on how your safari will be based on your itinerary and then drives you to the park in a professional way. Remember the driver will diver depending on the road and safety rules of the country and gently links you to the hotel we had booked for you and our driver will drive you back to Kigali International airport once the trip is done.

What is included while booking Rwanda gorilla tour trek?

It is important to know the inclusive and exclusives in your Rwanda gorilla trek tours. Our safari packages for Rwanda are inclusive and this means that everything you need is booked and done by us on behalf of you. Our gorilla safaris to Rwanda’s volcanoes National park include the gorilla trekking permits, transportation in one of the luxurious vehicles, accommodation facilities with a full board meal plan, park entrance fees, the service of the local guide who understand the English language very well. However, our package does not include the tip expenses, internal flight costs, and any personal expenses.

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