A boat cruise on the Kazinga channel

The three-hour boat cruise along the Kazinga Channel, a twisting approximately 32km ribbon of water that connects Lakes Edward and George in the country's southwest corner is worth the test

A boat cruise on the Kazinga channel

Boat cruise on the Kazinga channel: If you haven’t found a reason to visit Uganda then a launch cruise is a perfect reason for you to visit. They’re a terrific way to see wildlife, without stealth and free from the confines of a vehicle. The three-hour boat cruise along the Kazinga Channel, a twisting approximately 32km ribbon of water that connects Lakes Edward and George in the country’s southwest corner is worth the test. The channel is part of a large expanse of the Queen Elizabeth national park in Kasese district.  Join the greatest people in history as you follow through their footsteps to the one of Uganda‘s epics wildlife adventure that you may not experience in many places in the world.

The two hours gentle slow boat ride on this gorgeous channel is more rewarding than you can imagine. Marvel at the incomparable beautiful tapestry that Mother Nature brings to life. No matter how many hippos you’ve seen in zoos or elsewhere in the world, you will definitely be unprepared for the swarming numbers that are here. They wallow in packs, submerged except for those peculiar bulging eyes. They occasionally climb in and out of the water. They bump against the boat and some run on shore. They’re fast and huge and fierce. In the ominous words of a guidebook, “Never get between a hippo and the water.” This experience is one of the major highlights of any wildlife safari to Queen Elizabeth National park.

While the launch cruise / boat cruise on the Kazinga channel puts along on the water, fantastic birds swoop from the reeds and swamps, storks and pelicans strut along the sandbanks along with a profusion of many others creating a spectacular display. An elephant may come down to drink, while menacing buffalo stand and stare and the large crocodiles lie agape busking in the savannah sun. These along with many other animals line the shores of the channel just keep your cameras ready at all times for the most spectacular pictures.

What to carry for the kazinga boat cruise

The boat cruise is something you need to unwind the wildlife safari in the savannahs of uganda. The boat cruise is a special time for you to learn a lot about the different wildlife species in Queen Elizabeth national park. The guides are so professional to offer you all that you need when it comes to information and knowledge about the different animals you may spot during the cruise along the kazinga channel. Despite, you need to carry a few things to enjoy your trip better, including;

Camera for you to take come cool photos of the animals during the boat cruise. Binoculars will help you to see the birds more clearly. A hat will shelter you from the direct sun that might hinder you from seeing the animals. You can carry a book too if at all you would like to take some pencil drawings of the birds

You can book for kazinga boat cruise in Queen Elizabeth national park from mweya, uganda wildlife authority offices, the kazinga boat cruise is better done last after the game drives in Queen Elizabeth national park. Alternatively, you can ask our tour consultant at Africa Adventure Vacations to add a kazinga boat cruise on your itinerary to Queen Elizabeth national park.

Queen Elizabeth national park can be visited throughout the year for the game drives, chimpanzee trekking in Kyambura gorge, lion tracking in Kasenyi or tree-climbing lions in the Ishasha sector among other activities. Perhaps, you can also visit the park for a honeymoon or a weekend getaway or any other visit, just remember to join the boat cruise at Kazinga channel in Queen Elizabeth national park.

About Lake Edward

Lake Edward is the smallest lake that is found in the Great Rift Valley. It is found at the border of DR Congo and Uganda and is few meters above the equator.

Sir Henry Stanley was the European who first came to visit this lake. He visited Uganda during the time of Emin Pasha’s expedition in 1888. He was the first to see Lake Albert and he called it the Beatrice gulf. He thought that the lake is of its own and named it after the Prince of Wales, Edward.

In 1973, the lake was called Idi Amin as a way to remember him as the President of Uganda. In 1979 the lake regained its name after overthrowing Amin 1979. Lake George and Lake Edward are linked together by the Kazinga channel. Kazinga channel runs via Queen Elizabeth National Park. Kazinga channel is famous for boat cruising.

Lake George and Lake Edward are neighbors were known as big lakes at a certain point and were later separated by the lava flow from the Nyamuragira Volcano and it was the Kazinga channel that was left to join them.

Fishing is a common activity done around the lake. The lake has got a lot of fish and water animal species such as birds and crocodiles. Because of this, there is less human settlement surrounding the lake. This is because the lake poses a lot of animals that are a threat to humans but without considering the shoreline in DR Congo.

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