Boat Cruise In Lake Mburo National Park

Big boats and good working ones are available in Lake Mburo to take large crowds of people who come to visit the park

Boat Cruise In Lake Mburo National Park

Boat Cruise In Lake Mburo National Park: Lake Mburo national park is known as one of the smallest park in Uganda and it is lies on 260 sq. kilometers. Lake Mburo national park was established in 1993 as a controlled hunting place then in 1963 it turned into a game reserve and now it is officially called Lake Mburo- Nakivali wetland system.

Boat cruise is the process of taking a journey by means of a lake or sea to visit various areas within the park or somewhere. Boat cruise is mainly done by the couples or people who are interested in boat cruise as they are enjoying their vacation or holiday. Lake Mburo national park is the one of the most common parks in Uganda that is best for boat cruise because of its unique water systems. You will watch wildlife such as hippos, crocodiles and bird species such as rare African fin foot, herons, king fishers, African fish eagles and among others.

Lake Mburo National park has got a lake within and it is the main driving factor for it to be among the best boat cruise places in Uganda. This is why boat cruise has been in existence with in Lake Mburo national park.

Lake Mburo National Park is made up with aquatic wildlife. Aquatic animals are seen by visitors in an amazing way as they move around the lake while boat cruising. Some of the animals that are commonly seen in the park are hippos and they are seen on the lake shores.  They welcome visitors with wonderful look and visitors stay amazed about how the lake hosts amazing creatures which are spotted sunbathing at the shores and wind blowing to them so as to cool them. Boat cruisers also meet fishers who are doing sport fishing activity.

A keenest birder has many chances of seeing numerous bird species if not all and the view is stunning and the landscape is panoramic. This makes the journey to Lake Mburo very impressing and exciting the fearless people when it comes to water become brave because of the nature of the lakes that have cool winds blowing.

During boat cruising, boat cruisers will spot various birds flying over the blue and clear skies of Lake Mburo. Good sound of birds singing is what makes the sky of Lake Mburo. Visitors refresh their minds by listening to the healthy melodies of birds from the mid of the noise town.

Big boats and good working ones are available in Lake Mburo to take large crowds of people who come to visit the park. They are driven by experienced boat drivers.

The visitors for boat cruise are kindly requested to always come as early as possible so as to catch up because many visitors are always ready and interested in this similar activity and remember there are restrictions on the number allowed in the boat per drive. The main purpose was to reduce accident like drowning which is mostly caused by excess number of people in the boat. Visitors who wish to do boat cruising are advised to be with life jackets and they are given for free and well experienced boat driver is allowed to drive on the cool waters of the lakes in the park.

Visitors who wish to do boat cruise should do it with one heart and when they are told not to do boat cruise during rainy season they should not complain. In rainy season, it is risky for boat cruise since winds are blowing strongly, something that can risk one’s life. Lake is known as a place of joy and excitement because of the boat cruise.

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