Birds In Murchison Falls National Park Uganda

Birds in Murchison falls national park are easily spotted on activities like game drives and guided nature walks

Birds In Murchison Falls National Park

Birds in Murchison Falls National Park: This is the largest national park in Uganda the park is dominated by wood land, savannah grasslands and riverine forests locate in south western Uganda. The park is managed by Uganda wildlife authority and is located in North West Uganda in districts of Bulisa, Nwoya, Kiryandongo, and Masindi covering an area of 3893 sq. km. The park is divided by Victoria Nile forming the northern and southern banks.

Murchison falls is one of the best tourist bird destination in Uganda and a habitat for over 45o bird species which are easily spotted in the park. The park is composed of Albert Nile bank and Victoria Nile which are habitants of birds, sighting of birds is guaranteed on boat trips on Victoria Nile towards the Lake Albert Delta. Murchison falls has many types of bird species such as Albert Nile rift endemic birds, water birds and savannah birds. Some of these birds are common, rare or occasional.

Occasional and rare birds in the park include gray crowned crane, giant heron, giant kingfisher, shoe bill stork, black headed lapwing, Abyssinian ground hornbills, nightjars, marabou stork, back-billed bustard among others while common birds include black-headed lapwing, grew crowned crane, Senegal thick-knee, goliath heron, secretary bird, marital eagle, osprey, african darter, abdim’s stork, hugli’s francolin among others.

Murchison falls national park receives migratory birds in the period of November to April these migrate from areas like Democratric Republic of Congo and Europe these migrate to Uganda during cold seasons which is winter meaning there are chances of seeing migratory birds along River Nile.

Best bird watching places in Murchison falls national park.

Budongo forest

This is a habitant of so many birds best seen on a nature walk in the forest. The forest is a habitant of 360 species with 2 endemic species namely the yellow-footed flycatcher and puvel’s illadopsis. Other bird species in Budongo forest include crested guinea fowl, crowned eagle, grey-headed sunbird, ituri batis, little green sunbird, brown twin spot, African dwarf kingfisher, brown twin spot, olive-breasted green bul, crowned eagle,  white-thighed hornbill, yellow-crested woodpecker among others.

Lake Albert Delta

Lake albert is a stretch of water where Victoria Nile enters into Lake Albert in this area you see different birds hiding in shrubs and vegetation on the waters example of birds here include rare shoebill, African fish eagles, kingfisher, grey heron, woodpecker, warblers, ducks, geese, woodpecker among others.

Kaniyo Pabidi forest.

This is found in south of Murchison falls conservation area it’s a habitant of so many species of birds such as yellow-footed flycatcher, ituri batis white thighed hornbill, purels illadopsis, yellow footed fly catcher among others all these can be seen on nature walks through the forest either in the morning or evening this can help you see chimpanzee and other species of primates, mammals like elephants, lions, leopards and buffaloes

Birds in Murchison falls national park are easily spotted on activities like game drives and guided nature walks where you get to spot birds in savannah vegetation like the marabou stork, secretary birds, open billed stock to mention but a few. You can as well spot birds on boat cruises where you get to see birds along river banks e.g. the king fisher, francolin, grey heron, wood peckers, warblers, ducks geese among others.

Best time to do birding in Murchison falls national park.                  

Murchison falls national park is a place of over 451 birds spotted around the year but the best time to visit Murchison falls national park is January, February and march when the place is dry and a low season which make movement around the park easy making spotting of birds easier and another season is November and April when the park receives migratory birds

The bird season to do bird watching in the park are august to October because are always heavy rainfall making roads and trial difficult

What to carry to bird watching in Murchison falls national park include birders guide book, hiking shoes.  Pointer, a bag pack, optics, camera, field bag and field clothing

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