Bird Watching in Kibale Forest National Park

Birding in Kibale National Park is done throughout the year but the best time for birding in Kibale National Park is in March April and May and also September, October and November

Bird Watching Trips To Kibale Forest National Park

Bird watching in Kibale forest national park: This park was created in 1993 to protect the forest, the park is located in western Uganda south of Fort Portal district about 450 km from Kampala district. The park is managed by the Uganda Wildlife Authority.

Birding in Kibale National Park is the second most done activity after chimpanzee tracking with over 350 species of birds 6 of which are endemic. The park has got so many birds because it’s a forested area, the birds can be spotted during game drives and nature walks with a well-trained guide.

Bird Species In Kibale National Park

These include white collared olive, papyrus gonolek, papyrus canary, Cameroon somber greenbul, African- pied wagtail, brown eared woodpecker, zebra waxbill, blue-throated roller, African dusky flycatcher, blue-throated roller, black-billed weaver, yellow-rumped tinker bird, blue breasted kingfisher, chubb’s cisticola, black-capped waxbill, Africa shrike flycatcher, African black-headed oriole, African emerald cuckoo, African green pigeon, black-headed oriole, African jacana, African pitta, Abyssinian proud thrush, crowned eagle, dusky crimsoning, collared Apalis, black bee-eater, yellow spotted nicator, little greenbul, brown chested Alethe, black-billed turaco, black and white shrike flycatcher, barn swallow and ash flycatcher among others are recorded in Kibale national park.

Four bird species in Kibale Forest National Park have been recorded in the park and haven’t been seen anywhere in other national parks of Uganda and these are the blue-headed bee-eater, the masked Apalis, Nahan’s francolin, and the Cassin’s spinetail while migratory birds recorded here usually come between November and April.

Bird watching in Kibale National Park is done with the help of a guide as you do nature walks in the forest which allows you to spot so many of them. Kibale National Park has so many developed hiking/walking trails with the best birding spot being Bigodi wetland sanctuary where birders take visitors for a 4-hour walking trail.

Birding tours start at 7 am in Kibale National Park at Kanyancu visitor center, you are given a birding guide and guaranteed of spotting a variety of bird species because guides are knowledgeable of the best trails to take.

Birding in Kibale National Park is done throughout the year but the best time for birding in Kibale National Park is in March April and May and also September, October and November these are rainy months when fruits and food are many in the forest and hence many birds to be spotted. Kibale National Park is a rain forested park  so it’s necessary to carry appropriate clothing, a field guide book, field bag, and field clothing, binoculars, sunglasses, mineral water bottle, and insect repellent creams among others

Kibale National Park is not only a birds’ haven but it has primates as well such as grey-cheeked mangabey, L’hoest’s, Guezera colobus, red-tailed monkeys, and most visitors visit the park to see chimpanzees for chimpanzee tracking or chimpanzee habituation.

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