Best Time To Visit Mount Elgon National Park

Therefore the dry season is the best climate to do mountain climbing.

Best Time To Visit Mount Elgon National Park

Best time to visit Mount Elgon- Mountain Elgon National Park is open for visitors throughout the year. Though some month provides most exciting experience than other seasons. The best time to visit Mountain Elgon national park is during the dry seasons that is from June-August and December-March.

Mount Elgon receives 3000 mm of rainfall annually. It is a water catchment area. There is maximum rainfall in the forest zone and is important in the mountains role as a water catchment for people.

The park can be visited all year around and mountain hiking can be carried out in the entire year, but in the wet season that is between Aprils to October, it gets colder during the rainy season. The snow and hail are also common and will put a damper on your volcano hiking experience. Therefore if you want to hike mountain in the rain season, you have to be well prepared by carrying rain gears as well as warm clothes.

Therefore the dry season is the best climate to do mountain climbing. However, mountain climbing can be done throughout the year. Tourists also have to note that even in dry season, it may rain too so come with rain gadgets like rain jackets and waterproof.

For those one who wants to hike the mountain when there are few hikers in the park is during the wet season. Between April- Octobers are the best season months where the hikers are few.

In addition on rain season, it will rain in the morning or afternoon or in night hours and it may also rain the whole day and sometimes few hours of a day. Equip yourself with nice wear of rain jackets, hiking boots, waterproof day pack, enough water, long sleeved shirts and jeans to shield you from the nettles.

Porters are available at the park’s headquarters and they can help you in climbing as well as carry your heavy luggage. Hiking costs help in the development of the community and aiding on education. A walking stick is recommended and can be got from headquarters of the park or at your lodge. It will help you during the climbing experience.

The climb can be completed in about 4-5 days. If you wish to climb mountain Elgon, it is good to first discuss options with an Information Clerk at the Budadiri, Male, or Kapkwata Visitors’ Centers. Every trail in mountain is unique in its nature with wonderful scenery, amazing diversity, abundant wildlife, plants, flowers and challenging terrain which are best to you.

Important Information about Sipi Falls In Uganda.

Sipi falls is blessed with the most amazing passionate falls. The falls are divided into 3 waterfalls and it is found in Eastern parts of Uganda in Kapchorwa district, Northeast of Sironko and Mbale. Sip falls lie on the edges of Mount Elgon national park, also on the border of Kenya. The falls are about 277kilometers from the capital city of Uganda which is known as Kampala. Sipi Falls is the best place for abseiling from the top of the 100 meters high or you may try climbing on the numerous high cliff.

Most of the hikes to Mountain Elgon are starting from Sipi falls. Budadiri is the best starting route and follows the Sasa trail to the peak and then descends the Sipi trail back into the Sipi falls. Hikes around falls feature stunning views of the Karamoja plains, the slopes of the Mountain, and Lake kyoga. Sipi was named after a local plant which grows on the Riverbanks called sep.  The local guides tell how this name come from, the British went to visit the waterfalls and found a woman picking the Sep from on the river banks and when they asked for the name of the falls, the woman thinking that the British were asking for the name of the plant and she replied Sep and that is how the name Sipi falls begins from. Sipi falls is a nice place to relax and chill out. The full circuit of the 3 falls requires you to take part in the Journey with Vehicle and also walk a few distances of a hike. Hiking up to all 3 falls involves up and down movements on the slopes. Areas around falls are cold so you’re advised to carry some heavy clothes, hiking boots to curb the cold. The falls are used by local people as a place for healing when one dives into the Sipi Falls

Sipi features a lot of activities like abseiling, nature walks, mountain biking, and others. The falls also give Uganda stunning scenery, many people say that Sipi falls are the ‘most romantic falls’ in Uganda with the evidence of beautiful falls.  The area is also where most hikes to Elgon start from. Hiking up to the falls gives attractive scenic views such as Lake Kyoga, Coffee plantations, Karamoja lowlands, plus other surrounding areas.

The climate in Sipi is cool since it’s a hilly area though sometimes it may rain as individuals are hiking there, which makes hiking somehow difficult but it is also an amazing experience that one should not miss out on while at Sipi.  Areas around Sipi are best for chilling, relaxing than other congested towns.

The best time to visit Sipi falls

Sipi falls in Uganda can be visited all year round. It has a cool environment if compared to the other areas in Uganda. While the waterfalls are used to increase in the rainy season and reduce in the dry season but you can still visit Sipi falls any day any time as you wish.

Where to stay at Sipi falls

There are several lodges where you can spend a night and complete your safari at Sipi Falls. These are some of the safari lodges around Sipi as below;

Sipi River Hotel is a luxurious cottage that provides electricity, an inbuilt water system, personal bathrooms, and toilets and it has a beautiful design that relaxes your mind after a long hike on the Sipi falls.

You may use Sipi Falls Resort which is found in the mountain Elgon National Park and it has self-contained several grass thatched huts.

Getting to Sipi Falls in Uganda

The journey from Kampala capital city of Uganda to Sipi falls is about 268 kilometers which takes 4 hours to 30 minutes. You drive towards the Eastern part of Uganda along Jinja road up to Mbale town, then drive towards Kapchorwa is where Sipi falls is found.

When you finish your trip in the eastern parts of Uganda where the Teso are found you can also plan to visit the western side where you will have an opportunity to do gorilla trekking which is in Bwindi impenetrable national park. You will also go to Murchison falls national park and you will do a boat cruise at Nile River. You will also be able to see water wildlife animals such as crocodiles, hippos, and many more animals.

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