Best Time To Visit DR Congo For a Gorilla Tour

Virunga national park in DR Congo can be visited for gorilla tracking tours and safaris throughout the year

Best Time To Visit DR Congo For a Gorilla Tour

What is the best time to visit DR Congo for a Gorilla tour? Democratic republic of Congo experiences high frequencies of Rain and it has one of the highest in the world however, this should not stop travelers from visiting Virunga national park for gorilla trekking tours and safaris and other destinations that can offer you memorable tropical jungle experiences.

Just like Uganda, Congo is also crossed by the equator and the biggest part of the country is in the southern hemisphere.

Currently; DR. Congo is one of the biggest countries in Africa with almost the size of western Europe. Therefore; weather and climate partners differ due to several factors.

Virunga national park in DR Congo can be visited for gorilla tracking tours and safaris throughout the year despite the fact that it can rain any time hence weather changes are unpredictable! Like its neighboring gorilla trekking destinations of Rwanda and Uganda, gorilla tours are best done from June to September and December to February in Virunga national park due to the fact that during those months the forest grounds tend to be drier and makes movement of trackers easy as compared to wet seasons.

Therefore; If you are looking for the best mountain gorilla tracking experiences, book your safari in dry season however, there are higher chances of long gorilla tracking and hikes since gorillas are likely to move to higher altitude in search for fresh food during that time. Please note from June to sept and Dec to Feb are recorded as dry seasons, however expect rains anytime of the day during your gorilla safari in Congo hence pack your rain jacket when planning for your trip.

November is the wettest month of the year in Virunga national park however this does not make travel to DR Congo impossible.  It may not be the ideal time to travel to Congo from October to November and March to May however depending on your travel interest, time and budget, these months can still work for you! Just pack your rain gear to overcome a few changes related to weather and the experience will remain the same. Travelers who plan their trips during wet seasons normally enjoy crazy discounts on accommodation and gorilla permits in DR Congo. There is also likelihood of not trekking for so long compared to drier seasons because mountain gorillas tend to move and feed within a close range due to pretty of food in the low altitude.

In conclusion; If you seek assistance on choosing the best month to travel to DR Congo for gorilla trekking experiences, we would advise you to plan your journey in months of June to Sept and Dec to Feb since there is always a slight break in the rains and the sunsets are mind-bogglingly beautiful.

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