Best Time To Tour Murchison Falls National Park

The best time tour Ugandan parks with Murchison falls national park is during the dry season

Best Time To Tour Murchison Falls National Park

Best time to tour Murchison Falls National Park: This park is one of the most visited national parks in Uganda and the biggest. Visitors can tour this park any time or any day throughout the year. However it is important to note that the best time tour Ugandan parks with Murchison falls national park is during the dry season and this is when you can get the best wildlife experience in Murchison falls national park

There two season in Uganda namely the dry season and the wet season. The dry season begins in the months of June up to September and shits to December up to February. These months are the best time to tour Murchison falls national park. One would ask him or herself as to why Murchison falls national park is visited during the dry season and these are the reasons why.

The fact that animals also behave like the way we do humans, during the rainy season animals tend to hide and can be very difficult for them be seen by the tourist or visitors visiting Murchison falls national park and thus in most cases visitors heading for game drives might not spot a variety of animals as it would be during the dry season. However during the dry season , animals are seen everywhere in the park and the fact that Murchison has got an important permanent water source river Nile, most of the wild animals tend to come for water during the dry season presenting an opportunity to the visitors.

The dry season presents the opportunities still in that the trail for game drive safaris, hiking, cultural tours and bird watching become so clean and passable and therefore there  won’t be incidences of safari vehicles stacking in the mad or slippery issues happening as it is when it rains heavily. Large herds of elephants and buffaloes are always seen moving during the dry season and can be easily sighted near the river banks. Remember river Nile passed through Murchison Falls National Park.

The rainy season is somehow disturbing to the visitors a lot of mud, wet and sometime lack from clear vision when it rains. In case you decide to travel in dry season you have to make sure that you use a 4 wheel drive vehicle that strong to navigate through the muddy conditions. Sometimes it happens and it rains the whole day which would even make you to fail you to go for any activity at any day hence missing activities as you planned for.

It is important to note that the dry season is characterized with a lot of competition as most of the accommodation facilities such as high class lodges and hotels are booked to capacity and this calls you to make an advanced bookings in order to avoid inconveniences. During the wet season, some of the investors within the tourism industry especially in lodges and hotels offer discounts to visitors travelling vising during the wet season. The weather conditions is Uganda is so predictable you can travel during the wet season and fail to notice any drop during your safari

Sometimes it can rain in the morning for like 3 hours and thereafter sun comes out so it is unpredictable however we advise our visitors planning to go to Murchison falls national park to do so during the June and July to have wonderful memories

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