Best Time To Go For Kasoga Community Tour In Queen Elizabeth National Park

Yes, Kasoga community can be visited throughout the year

Best Time To Go For Kasoga Community Tour In Queen Elizabeth National Park

Best time to go for Kasoga community tour in Queen Elizabeth National Park: Kasoga community village is one of the best initiative that was established by the local community member captivating all forms of the local artifacts and culture that enrich visitor’s withy authentic and extra ordinary cultural experience. Kasoga community if found in Hamukungu one of the best fishing villages in queen Elizabeth national park on the shores of Lake George.

Kasoga community experience was established mainly to offer best cultural experiences as well as to increase the length of stay of the visitors with the view of supporting conservation efforts and uplifting the standards of the local community. It is important to add Kasoga safari trips on your itinerary to Queen Elizabeth national park in order to get the experience of the local people and how they live on the shores of Lake George and the surrounding cater lakes of the park.

If you’re planning to come to Queen Elizabeth national park for Kasoga community experience, it is important that you understand the time of the year that is favorable for you to have best community encounters in Kasoga communities

Best time to go for Kasoga community tour in Queen Elizabeth national park represents the favorable period or months when it’s good for to travel for Kasoga community experience. Visitors can visit Kasoga community any time of the year and any day or any moths of the year because the community is available and people are permanent settlers therefore anytime you come you will find them there.

Yes, Kasoga community can be visited throughout the year but still we need to note that there is the best time when you can surely visit the community and don’t meet interferences especially in terms of weather and when you can see a lot of interesting features.

The best time to visit Kasoga is December to February, and then may and April to September. This month’s represents the period of the year when Kasoga community experience dry spells. In fact, it is the best time when visitors flock to Queen Elizabeth national park. The dry season offers you will clear accessibility to the Kasoga village without incidences of mud or slippery however you expect some dust because the road leading to Kasoga community is not tarmacked but well graded. This road is not tarmacked because it passes through Queen Elizabeth National and to maintain conservation and ecotourism principles it not good to tarmac roads but rather be graded.

During the dry season still you will be able to interact with communities freely, watch a lot of wild and aquatic animals on Lake Gorge drinking water trying to cool themselves. You will spot different animals such as elephants, buffaloes, waterbucks, hippos and availability of bird species. Dry season presents the best time for you to visit Kasoga community for cultural experience.

Besides dry season, Kasoga community can as well be visited during the wet season of the year which usually takes place in in April, may, October and November. During this time everything is clearly green, the place is not overcrowded and those in accommodation facility tend reduce on the accommodation prices. The climate of Kasoga is the same as that of the entire Queen Elizabeth National Park notifying you that the water level of Lake George remains constant throughout the year.

During the dry season as the best time to visit Kasoga village, you fete involved in different activities such as Kasoga community walks or tours, canoeing trips at lake George in Kasoga, Kasoga community birding safaris, Kasoga Fishing trips, cultural treats in Kasoga community, canoe regatta among others. This is very interesting for trip in Kasoga community village.

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