Best Sport Fishing destinations In Uganda

Sport fishing can be done in Ssese Islands, Murchison falls national park and lake Mburo national park

Best Places For Sport Fishing In Uganda

Are you looking for the best places for sport fishing safaris and tours in Africa? Uganda is one of the countries blessed with abundance of natural resources. Uganda is one of the best sport fishing destinations in Africa blessed with several water bodies apart from mountain gorillas, wild animals, birds, beautiful nature and friendly people. 25% of Uganda is covered up with water. Lake Victoria is the largest lake on the African continent and it’s found in Uganda. Uganda is where we find the source of River Nile which is the longest river in the world. Uganda has also lakes such as Lake Edward, George, Kyoga and Albert and all these lakes present great chances for sport fishing. Some of the famous anglers who have done fishing in Uganda include Jeremy wade, john Wilson and Zeb Hogan. Uganda has over 200 fish species with 2 major species caught for commercial purposes and that is the Nile perch and tilapia. The other fish types caught in Uganda include cat fish, protoperus, lung fish and rastrinabola. Some fish can weigh up to 220kgs. Sport fishing was introduced in Uganda early in the 19th century. The Nile perch is caught using small tiger fish as a bait. These tiger fish have beautiful colors like a rainbow with strong teeth and hard jaws. Tilapia and lung fish are also one of the large fishes in Uganda. Tilapia is the most liked fish eaten by Ugandans although silver fish is gaining its popularity because of its nutritious value.

Sport fishing has gained prestige in Uganda since way back in 90’s and it’s among the top things to do in Uganda. The local people and the low income earners in Uganda have not fully embraced this amazing activities. Sport fishing is good for family bonding and getting together as a group of friends. One does need to have an experience in sport fishing to take part in this activity. What one need to do is join a trusted company with experienced anglers who will teach them about the sport? River Nile and Lake Victoria are the best places where you can enjoy sport fishing in Uganda. The most used methods of catching fish here is by the use of live baits or the casting lures to catch the Nile perch, tiger fish and tilapia. Sport fishing in Uganda is beyond belief because it involves spotting Africa’s famous wildlife and the beautiful scenery. While sport fishing there are chances of coming across dangerous animals such as crocodiles making the trip more exciting and adventurous? However safety is more important that’s why anglers are always escorted by armed rangers from the park offices just in case you come across hippos, elephants, buffaloes and crocodiles. Sport fishing is always done on several days and this needs one to have deep interest in sport and they must be physically feet and patience

Best places  and destinations for sport fishing in Uganda

The Ssese islands of Lake Victoria:

Sport fishing is among the top things to do in Ssese islands. For one to access Ssese highlands they need to take a ferry from Nakiwogo landing site in Entebbe to Kalangala islands. Kalangala has about 84 islands all offering good fishing opportunities although many are rarely visited. Fishing on Ssese islands can be done any time of the year but the best months to do sport fishing here are October and March. To visit all islands here you must have a speeding boat. The hotels around can provide the boats of the people at the highlands themselves including the anglers from any trusted company. Equipment’ for fishing are always provided but its better you move with your own. For one to participate in sport fishing they must have permit which comes along with fishing gears. Sport fishing on Ssese island is done in two shifts one in the morning at 9am and the other in the evening Sport fishing on Ssese island is done in two shifts one in the morning at 9am and the other in the evening at 5pm. The rainy seasons are goof for sport fishing because during this time, the waters become very calm and clear raising the chances of catching tilapia. Dry seasons are not good because the waters have massive waves which affects sport fishing as an activity. Sport fishing on Ssese islands can start from Munyonyo are around the wild life education center formally known as the Entebbe zoo.

Murchison falls national park:

Murchison falls national park is located north western Uganda about 204 km away from the city. The park can be accessed using road transport or using a chattered flight from Entebbe international airport or Kajjansi airstrip to Pakuba air strip in the park. River Nile the longest river in Africa passes in the middle of Murchison falls as it continues to south Sudan forming Murchison falls. Murchison falls are most visited in the park. The falls are created through a narrow gorge when the Nile water squeezes through two rocks before exploding 40 meters down the fall. Murchison falls national park is a good place where you go and carry out sport fishing. The place has huge Nile perch because the turbulent falls are rich in oxygen. The largest record in Murchison falls is of a Nile perch that weighed 108kgs. The area is also a home to tilapia, tiger fish, catfish, barbell, Angara, ferocious fighter and yellow fish among others. Sport fishing is normally done using a boat around the river banks of the Nile

Sport fishing in Murchison falls national park is organized by Paraa and chobe lodges. The best fishing area are at the base of the waterfalls. Instead of moving right next to the falls, you can stand at the rocks at the down streams where you can through the lines in the deep waters. There are several pools downstream isolated from River Nile that should be considered. The pools are habitats to large Nile perch, giant cat fish and tilapia. If you want to see more types of fish, you must go fishing downstream to the Albertnile by boat. Sport fishing in Murchison falls national park goes for 50 USD for one days and four days go for 150 USD which does not include park entrance fees. Murchison falls national park sport fishing is done using a policy of catch and release. A person who catches a 100km is given a reward and they are allowed to take photos and record videos so as they go and show their friends. Paraa and chobe lodges make sure that anglers are safe while in the water by using very experienced guides to lead the team. Sport fishing is not the only activity that is done at Murchison falls national park there are also game drives, chimpanzee trekking in Budongo Forest, birding and boat cruises.

Lake Mburo national park:

Lake Mburo national park’ is also among the places to do sport fishing in Uganda. The national park is located in Kyiruhura district and it is the closest national park to Kampala city taking you only 3 hours to reach the park. Inside the park there are 4 small lakes but sport fishing is done on Lake Mburo which is the main lake. Lake Mburo has many fish species but tilapia is the most caught fish species in the lake. The best fishing place in Lake Mburo is Mazinga spot because it’s free from crocodiles and hippos. To participate in sport fishing on Lake Mburo you need a permit which costs USD 15 and it’s got from Uganda wildlife authority.

Source of the Nile Jinja:

Source of the Nile in Jinja is among the best places to go for sport fishing while on a Ugandan safari. The most caught fish types are the Nile perch and tilapia. After fish sporting you can go for bungee jumping, horse riding, white water rafting, quad biking or visiting the local communities.

What you need to know about sport fishing trips in Uganda

Sport fishing in Uganda is done throughout the year. For example if you want to take part in sport fishing in Murchison falls national park, the dry season is the best time to visit the park and combine fishing with other activities such as birding, nature walk or game viewing.

Live bait and casting lures are the main sport fishing methods used in Uganda. Casting lures are good for catching Nile perch while the live bait is good for smaller tiger fish.

Sport fishing in Uganda during dry season is difficult to anglers. The temperatures are always high and you are advised to move with sun glasses a hut and long sleeved clothes. You should also pack enough water before you go for sport fishing, have insect repellents to keep away from mosquitoes.

Other items to move with during sport fishing include hiking shoes, camera, sandal, binoculars for those who love birds and a rainy jacket if you are travelling in rainy season

Sport fishing in Rwanda is not as developed as that in Rwanda

Accommodation during sport fishing in Uganda

While on a sport fishing safari in Uganda, you will have a choice to choose between the available accommodations facilities ranging from luxury to mid-range to budget facilities depending on how much you are willing to spend. Those planning to go sport fishing in Ssese islands, Brovad Sand Lodge is a good place. In Kampala there is Speke resort hotel located in Munyonyo which organizes fishing trips on Lake Victoria. When it comes to Lake Victoria, there are many accommodation facilities but the ones that offer sport fishing are Paara and chobe safari lodges. Paara is located near the banks of river Nile but chobe offers the best fishing facilities because most of the largest Nile perch has been caught by the residents of Chobe. Chobe safari lodge gives out the best fishing gears, boats and experienced guides to take the anglers to the best sport fishing sections on the Nile.

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