Best Place To See The Shoebill In Uganda

The best place to see shoebill from Entebbe Uganda is Mabamba swamp.

Best Place To See The Shoebill From Entebbe To Mabamba Swamp.

Best place to see the shoebill from Entebbe to Mabamba swamp- Shoebill is known as a precolonial bird that is known to be threatened in Africa by human activities, a man also survives in the same habitat as the shoebill stork. This has caused birds to blink of extinction as it is witnessed with the increase of population daily.

Uganda is among the few countries in Africa where there are high opportunities of watching these endangered shoebill storks. The other country is Zambia’s bangweulu swamps.

The conservation efforts in Mabamba wetland which is found at Lake Victoria as you coming from Entebbe are among the strongest habitats of the endangered shoebill stork. There is a community project in the Ramsar site which was set to protect the few species with the other bird species such as papyrus Gonolek, weavers, and the necked spotted otters

Africa Adventure Vacations also arranges day trips from Entebbe in the morning or afternoon as you are searching for these endangered shoebills and other birds in Mabamba swamp.

The experience of the Mabamba shoebill trip is that bird watchers go out on the dugout canoes and navigate through the narrow channel of the swamps as you look out for the unique shoebill stork and other bird species into the swamp

How to reach to Mabamba swamp from Entebbe to see shoebill?

By boat

You can hire a boat from Entebbe which will take you 45 minutes or 1 hour to the Nakiwogo landing site in Entebbe on the edges of the island and from here, you will meet the island guide and head into the Swamp to search for the shoebill.

 By road

From Entebbe town or Kampala city to Mabamba swamp by road, it will take you only 2 hours’ drive via kisubi- Nakawuka turning at Kasanje trading center and this is the most popular way but the boat may be a little bit expensive

Best time to go and see shoebill from Entebbe to Mabamba swamp

Mabamba swamp can be visited all year round but it is best during the dry season that is from June-August and December-February when the water levels are low which makes a lot of mud pool and attracts lungfish and mudfish, the best food for the shoebills.

The best time of the day to see the shoebills in Mabamba swamp is the morning hours than afternoon when the local fishermen do go and fish hence disturbing the birds.

In a nutshell, the best place to see shoebill from Entebbe Uganda is Mabamba swamp. The trip to encounter shoebill stork can be extended to other destinations like Lake mburo, Bwindi, Murchison falls national parks among others

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