Attractions in lake Mburo National Park

Different activities are done in Lake Mburo national park and you will enjoy the way how these activities are amazing.

Attractions in lake Mburo National Park

Attractions in lake Mburo National Park: The park is located in Mbarara town in district of Kiruhura and it is the closest park to Kampala the capital city of Uganda.

Lake Mburo national park is one of most attraction parks in Uganda with a variety of wilderness and its nature. The park has a lot of attractions which cannot be found elsewhere in the parks of Uganda apart from Mburo.

Lake Mburo is full of various nature and wilderness thus being a special place. Most of the attractions in the park are unique and can only be found in Lake Mburo. There are 158 attractive square miles of oleo and Boscia that are acacia dotted Savannah. It is a home of more than 68 mammal species and all these inhabit in the savannah grounds of Lake Mburo.

Lake Mburo is covered by a wetland and harbors various species like mammals which are only found in Lake Mburo and they include impalas, zebras and among others.

There are almost 315 bird species that are seen flying in the skies of Lake Mburo making it a natural colorful park and some of these birds are African Finfoot, rare shoebill stork, yellow breasted apalis, brown parrot,white headed barbet and among others. They are heard whispering in the sky.

Lake Mburo has many mosaic habitats and landscape, rich acacia tree valley, forests, permanent and seasonal swamps, grasslands. Lake Mburo shelters 370 square kilometers and because of this small area it covers, it is considered as the smallest savannah national park in Uganda.

Lake Mburo is the major lake in the park, as you’re on this park, you will have a chance to watch hippopotamus drinking water and you will also watch large crocodiles prowling on shores. Some of the birds include fish eagles, cormorant, heron, pelican, and among others.

Lake Mburo is situated near Mbarara town in Kiruhura district therefore the Mburo safari Lodge is well positioned to watch all the attractions in the South Western Uganda and you will spend only 20 minutes driving from both gates of Mburo safari Lodge.

Activities in Lake Mburo are also part of the attractions that are added on animal attractions. Different activities are done in the park and you will enjoy the way how these activities are amazing.

Mammal Attractions In Lake Mburo                                   

Lake Mburo national park has over 68 mammals that are seen inhabiting in the savannah grounds of the park. Some of these animals include impala, zebras, oribi, eland, topi, bush buck, buffalo, hyenas, warthogs, leopard, jackal, bohor reed buck and among others.

Lake Mburo has variety of animals but when further explored it was noted that it lacks elephants and lions thus making it easy for nature walk in the park.

Lake Mburo National Park is also good for leopard lovers. These leopards can be watched during the night drive and early morning because they are shy to expose themselves during the day. Therefore, they decide to expose themselves during the night other than during the day.

Lake Mburo nationals park is made up of over 315 bird species and they include the rare shoebill stork, papyrus yellow warblers African finfoot, saddle billed stork, brown crested wattled plover, Carruthers Coat cola, tabora cist cola great snip, Abyssinian ground hornbill, African fish eagles, and white winged warbler and they are under the shelter of woody vegetation which dominated by oleo species, acacia species and Boscia species. You will also find fringing swamps in Lake Mburo and also secretive papyrus trees hidden inside the park and include yellow, red and black papyrus gonolek.

Activities and  Attractions in lake Mburo National Park

The activities in Lake Mburo are unique and the main purpose of their uniqueness is to attract more tourists to the park, the activities are listed below.

Safari and game drives. There is a night safari or game drive in the park and during the night game drive, there are high opportunities of meeting leopards, hyenas, civet, white tailed mongoose, galagos, bush big plus other animals that are located within the park

Walking Safaris bring a visitor nearer to the wildlife and nature of Lake Mburo National Park.

Boat cruise. During the boat trip at Lake Mburo, you will have a platform to watch various crocodiles, bird species and hippopotamus.

Birding in Lake Mburo. On the safari drive in Lake Mburo National Park, you will have chances of photographing the captivating creatures that stay within the park.

Nature walk, during your tour safari in Lake Mburo National Park, you should try to participate in nature walk of  dry hillsides, mosaic habitat,  bushes, rocky out crops,  open and wooded Savannah, thickets, forests, lakes and swamps, animals and diversity of plants that are all located in the park

Horse riding, this is among the amazing activities that have attracted the attention of many visitors to come to the park. The enforcement of good horse breeds will lead you to horse riding that will take you close to the nature of the park. Here only a sound of nature is heard rather than the sound of the engine.

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