Where you can stay in Queen Elizabeth National Park?

Queen Elizabeth national park is surrounded by different accommodation facilities

Arranging A Fly-in Safari To Queen Elizabeth National Park

How best can I arrange a fly-in Safari to Queen Elizabeth National Park? This park is one of the best Uganda destination parks found in south-western Uganda surrounded by other national parks of Kibale forest national park and Bwindi impenetrable forest national park Queen Elizabeth national park ranks as the sec on the visited national park in Uganda and biggest conservation areas after Murchison falls national park. While visiting Queen Elizabeth national park, you will be able to see the big four animals of Africa which include the African caped buffalo, the African elephant, leopards, and lions. The fact that Queen Elizabeth is a savannah park, offers opportunities for the visitors to have a clear view of the wildlife within the park. Arranging a Fly-in safari to Queen Elizabeth National Park is important especially to those visitors who are interested in traveling to queen Elizabeth national park using a domestic flight for viewing wildlife, engage in boat cruise safaris, community visits, birding safaris among others.

What to do while you’re on a fly-in safari to Queen Elizabeth National Park

Our arrange/organized fly-in safari to Queen Elizabeth National Park will take you to the northern sector/part of Queen Elizabeth national park known as Mweya peninsular. In this park, you will be able to view a lot of wildlife and do engage in a boat cruise at the Kazinga channel. More, we shall take you to Kasenyi plains the place known for the wonderful game drives and thereafter you go to Kasoga community for the community experience, remember that it is only in queen Elizabeth national park where you can go for tree-climbing lions in the Ishasha sector. You can as well have a chance to do chimpanzee tracking in the Kyambura gorge still in this park. Below, I illustrate more on what you can do and see in Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Safari game drives in Kasenyi and Mweya in Queen Elizabeth Park

The Mweya and Kasenyi plains in Queen Elizabeth national park provide the best place for game drives. The plains are full of vast wildlife couples with several volcanic crater lakes that beautify the park and make it more attractive to the visitors, still is only here that you will be able to see distinct Uganda’s euphorbia tree species. Even in Mweya sometimes you might see animals while walking on foot or relaxing at your hotel or any accommodation facility.

Boat cruise at Kazinga channel in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Enjoy the luxurious boat cruise at the Kazinga channel as you enter different species of wildlife. Kazinga channel acts as the collection point of animals especially during the dry season to come and drink water. Visitors will have a chance to see the hippos in the water remember that the Kazinga channel has got the highest concentration of hippopotamuses in Africa, see other animals that include buffaloes, elephants, Nile crocodiles, warthogs, and several bird species. You will also have a clear view of Mweya peninsular and Mweya Safari Lodge.

Birding in Queen Elizabeth national park

Queen Elizabeth national park is the park with more bird species and thus makes it a better birding destination in Uganda. The park features over 612 species of birds and these include swamp birds, water birds, savannah birds, forest birds, Albertine birds among others. Birders will find happiness even when doing boat cruise safaris or when doing safari game drives within the park, birds such as Swamp flycatcher, giant Kingfisher, Marabou stock, grey crowned crane, rare swamp flycatcher, black-bellied bustard, Black-headed Lapwing among others can be seen.

Chimpanzee tracking in Kyambura Gorge

Chimpanzee tracking is one of the key r tourism activities that most tourists do in Queen Elizabeth National Park. The chimpanzee tracking is done in Kyambura gorge and the activity starts early in the morning and in the afternoon. At Africa Adventure Vacations, we arrange and organize for you a fly-in safari to Queen Elizabeth national park to do chimpanzee tracking by booking for you the chimpanzee permits. To engage in all the activities in Queen Elizabeth national park, you will need to spend more time within the park and have a deep encounter with these activities. Contact us as we send you more information and details of the packages that are available for Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Cultural/community experience in Queen Elizabeth National Park

You may also decide to take part in cultural tours where you can meet and interact with local people/ community and learn more from them. You can learn a lot about local communities including the best how they exploit the resources to earn a living. Queen Elizabeth national park is one of the parks where local people and the park live harmoniously.  We recommend you to go for Kasoga community visits as it provides the best example where you have the stories of the people adjacent to Queen Elizabeth national park and the best activities that they are involved in. Enjoy the cultural dances and drama organized by the local people and participate in their daily activities and here you will have immersed into their culture for a better cultural experience.

Arranging a fly-in in safari to Queen Elizabeth National Park

Yes, at Africa Adventure Vacations we are experts and we can successfully organize and arrange for you a fly-in safari to Queen Elizabeth national park provided you send us your preferred dates of travel such that we can confirm with the local /domestic airline company whether there is the availability of space for you to Queen Elizabeth national park. Once the availability is there then we book for you timidly and we wait for your confirmation and payment, charters flight are also present and you can book any time you want to queen Elizabeth national park. Charter flights are good in that for them they can land in small fields that are even closer to your lodge of stay. Fly Uganda and aero link Uganda operate domestic flights/scheduled flights to queen Elizabeth national park and you will pay the prince that ranges from united states dollars 283 for one-way fight and united states dollars 472 for the return flight. Once you land at the airstrip, our guides will be available to offer you will transfer service to the lodge of your choice.

Best time to arrange for a fly-in safari to Queen Elizabeth National Park

Queen Elizabeth national park is one of the national parks in Uganda that are crossed by the equator and which modifies the climate of the park making it have two tropical rain rainfall periods. Preferably, most of the visitors have moved to queen Elizabeth more during the dry season and this, therefore, presents the best time to visit Queen Elizabeth National Park. During the rainy season, the passages into the park and the trails become so hard to access, making the experience in the park so difficult. However, during the dry months of December to February and June to September, the park is dry with no incidences of the vehicle stuck in the mud and also the visibility of the wildlife becomes fine during the dry season because most of the animals in the park tend to concentrate on the watering points during dry season making it convenient for you to view and take photos.

Where you can stay on your Fly-in Safari in Queen Elizabeth National Park?

Once you arrive at Entebbe international airport, you should spend a night in Kampala or Entebbe international airport so that you can get up and get catch-up with the domestic flight to queen Elizabeth National park. Queen Elizabeth national park is surrounded by different accommodation facilities and therefore, you can choose any accommodations facility of your choice basing on your budget and preference. There are different budget accommodation options which include Elephant Hab Lodge, Pumba safari lodge where you can pay around 90 to 100 USD per person per night. Middle range accommodation facilities include Bush lodge, buffalo lodge for up to 100 to 200 United States dollars per night per person. Luxury accommodation facilities include Mweya safari Lodge, Katara lodge Mazike Safari Lodge, and Kyambura gorge loge and the rooms range from 200 to 400 United States dollars per night.

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