Akagera National Park Rules And Regulations

These rules are usually safety measures that are aimed at enabling you to have the most enjoyable wildlife safari

Akagera National Park Rules And Regulations

Akagera national park rules and regulations are basic guidelines that every tourist to the park should observe while in the park. These rules are usually safety measures that are aimed at enabling you to have the most enjoyable wildlife safari in Akagera national park Rwanda. Akagera national park is located on the eastern side of Rwanda and is the only savannah park in the country so far. The park covers an area of 1,122 sq. km and it was gazetted in 1934 to protect the wildlife in the park. From refugees.

Akagera national park is home to a big number of wildlife including the big five mammals – lions, African elephants, rhinos, buffalo as well leopards. The park is home to other animals such as zebras, hyenas, bush babies, warthogs, impalas, cape eland, reedbucks, topis and so many others. Akagera  national park is also home to about 525 different bird species among which include grey crested crane, squacco herons, grey-backed fiscals, African open bill stock, fain tailed widowbird, violet-black weavers, cattle egrets, long-crested eagle, augur buzzard, African darter, giant kingfisher, papyrus gonolek, African wattled plover, rare shoebill to mention but a few. Primates in Akagera national park include olive baboons, bush babies, vervet monkeys, and blue monkeys. Apart from wildlife viewing, there are other activities in Akagera national park such as fishing, cultural tours, nature walks, birding, boat safari, behind the scenes, and walk the Nile.

Rules and regukations to observe while in Akagera national park include;

Tourists should keep a distance inside their vehicles while on a game drive inside the park.

Avoid unnecessary movements from your place of accommodation and keep within your area.

Akagera national park is open for tourism from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm during day time. You are advised to leave the park before 6:00 pm

You should use the designated roads to save vegetation and protect yourself from getting lost.

You should drive and not exceed a speed of 40 km per hour while in Akagera national park. Don’t over speed as you can cause accidents with wild animals. Another reason is that in rainy seasons the roads tend to be muddy that’s why we advise you not to drive at a high speed.

Avoid littering in the park. You should leave the park the way you found it.

You are not allowed to give animals your food at the lodge or in the park.

If you fail to leave the park by 6:00 pm the park will set its rescue team and you will be forced to pay extra charges.

All vehicles entering Akagera national park must be approved by the park management.

Don’t pick ant plants from the park

All payments should be done at Akagera national park offices

In case you don’t follow Akagera national park rules and regulations you will be forced to pay $150.

In conclusion, Akagera national park is a good tourism destination that is worth visiting on a safari in Rwanda, with the above-listed rules and regulations, we wish you a wonderful safari holiday in Akagera national park Rwanda. Rwanda is also a home of the rare mountain gorillas in volcanoes national park as well as chimpanzees in Nyungwe forest national park

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