Activities In Maramagambo Forest

Bird Watching Trips In Maramagambo Forest

Activities In Maramagambo Forest

Activities in Maramagambo Forest: The forest is one of the biggest forests in East Africa found majorly in Bushenyi districts. Maramagambo can be loosely translated as “loss of words”. The forest covers a section of Queen Elizabeth national park stretching to Lake Edward from Kichwamba escarpments. The topography of the forest is interesting and favors the activities such as hiking and nature walks using the designated trails. Visitors to this forest will enjoy the verdant forest canopies presented by the forest.

Maramagambo forest is situated in the southern section of Queen Elizabeth National park. The forest is popularly known because of the bat caves and still is surrounded by the magnificent crater lakes of Nyamusingiri and Kyasanduka. Maramambo forest features many primates including the famous chimpanzees.

Visitors to Maramagambo forest will explore the beauty of the forest by engaging in different activities within the forest which among others include the following;

Primate viewing trips:

Maramagambo forest is one of the forests in Uganda housing numerous primate species. The most notable primates in the Maramagambo forest include the red-tailed monkeys, white and blue monkeys, L’Hoest’s monkeys, vervet monkeys, and the famous chimpanzees. Visitors on primate viewing walks min the forest will also get a chance to view those primates that usually move at night call them nocturnal primates such as bushbabies, pottos which can be sighted at night. Yes, the chimpanzees in this forest are not habituated, and therefore, trekking them is very difficult because they are immobile, and trekking them, you may not succeed however, several visitors have spotted these chimpanzees during their natural walks safaris in Maramagambo forest.

Bird watching trips:

The utter deep forest of Maramambo forest and different species of birds housed in this forest grants the forest status of being one of the best birding destinations in Queen Elizabeth national park.  the chief bird attraction of Maramagambo forest includes the forest flycatcher, white napped pigeon, Ruwenzori turaco coupled with other bird species such as white- napped pigeon,darl-caped yellow warbler, bat hawk, Ross’s turaco, sulfur-breasted bush shrike among others. Visitors will need to come with your camera, binocular, and hiking shoes for this activity. Birding trips in Maramagambo Forest takes between 2 to 5 hours.

Visiting trips to the bat cave:

Maramagambo forest boasts a lot of caves that house thousands and thousands of bats. Because of the Marburg scary in 2008, the Queen Elizabeth National Park together with the American center for disease control program built a nice-looking platform that enables visitors to view the bats from a distance. Visitors can also encounter the rock python which feeds on the bats. As a safety precaution, visitors are not supposed to go close to the bats for fear of virus infections. These caves are crucial and are important attractions in Maramagambo Forest.

Cultural encounter safari:

Visitors to Maramagambo forest will take walks to the Nyanzibiro community and view the cave that is close to the local people. This is the ahistorical cave in this place with the majority of the very important people and other local people believing that the cave is crucial in safeguarding them and the population around from the natural calamities and remedies call them misfortunes. This cave was also crucial as it provided a hiding place to the people especially those who were running away from a dictatorship in the year the 1870s and 80s when Uganda was in total turmoil. Alongside this cave is a hut believed to be a Bunyaruguru traditional hut that depicts the life that local people’s ancestors used to live in.

Forest research and conservation study tours:

A Comfortable a siesta at the Maramagambo visitor information center will introduce you to the demonstrations and learning narratives on how best to protect and conserve the environment. The park staff will teach you the best they have done and how best they research to make sure that the environment remains protected.

Wildlife encounter safaris:

As earlier said, Maramagambo forest is one of the sections of Queen Elizabeth national park and therefore after a successful trip to this forest, you can rush to Queen Elizabeth national for a boat cruise, Ishasha for tree-climbing lions, Kasenyi plains for safari game drives, Crater Lake trips in Lake Katwe and surround areas, the Kasoga community tours among activities.

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