Accommodation In Murchison Falls National Park

In Murchison falls national park has lodges ranging from budget accommodation facilities, midrange and upmarket or luxury lodges and hotels

Accommodation In Murchison Falls National Park

Accommodation In Murchison Falls National Park: Of course, every visitor at the start or the end of the safari will need to relax your long traveling muscles from a very good comfortable accommodation facility / lodges that you can book in advance. Accommodation and travel are inseparable and in most cases where there are no accommodation facilities the tourism experience is on the verge of collapsing or it cannot be achieved by a visitor seeking experience.

In Murchison falls national park being one of the biggest and most visited national parks in Uganda, numerous accommodation facilities are ranging from budget accommodation facilities to midrange and finally to upmarket or luxury lodges and hotels. On your self-guided safari tours, you can stay at one of these loges comfortably and you enjoy your experience.

Some of the various accommodation facilities in form of lodges and hotels where you can stay during your safari include the luxury Paraa safari lodge, Nile safari lodge, Red Chill rest camp, Murchison safari lodge, global village guest house, Sambiya River Lodge, Chobe Safari Lodge, Geo lodges, Boomu women Bandas, Uganda wildlife Authority campsites, Budongo Eco-lodge, Yebo safari camp to mention but a few.

The accommodation facility mentioned is equipped with high-end facilities and services including internet connectivity, swimming pool, gym, spa, massage, conference halls, equipped restaurant and bar for food and beverage respectively in addition to offering spectacular views of the River Nile, a variety of birds and animals during relaxation.

Suppose you are staying in any accommodation in the southern sector of Murchison Falls National park, you will a UWA speed boat or a ferry to link you with the Northern sector where most of the safari activities are carried from. Actives such as safari gamed drives, boat cruise safaris are best done within this sector of the park.

You should use a four by four-wheel-drive vehicle if you’re interested in exploring the biggest part of Murchison Falls National Park on your self-guided tour. Alternatively, you can use our Africa adventure vacations as we prepare and arrange for a fantastic safari to Murchison falls National Park on various packages including the 2, 3, 4, and more days Murchison Falls National Park Packages.

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