Accommodation In Lake Mburo National Park

Lake Mburo National Park has got other facts and among them are the range of activities that take place in the park and they include horse riding plus nature walk safari.

Accommodation In Lake Mburo National Park

Budget of accommodation is a no worry for visitors planning to visit Lake Mburo National Park because it is readily available as you’re on Uganda Budget Safari.

Lake Mburo National Park is a good position for one to raise fantastic buildings and because of this, many lodging companies came into existence and they started working with Lake Mburo national park organizations. This was a great achievement for Lake Mburo National Park and also the activity of gaming. Huge number of visitors started coming to Lake Mburo because now the park had enough accommodation facilities for these visitors. Some visitors used not to participate in the night game drive because of fear of where to sleep and yet it is an interesting activity because during this period of time, there are many chances of seeing the shy mammal’s which hide during the day and some of these are Leopards, zebras and others.

Budget of accommodation in the park all depends on the accommodation companies which have experience in providing the best services to the traveler’s in terms of luxurious facilities and well trained staff is present to give a special treatment to the visitors. Some of the luxurious facility lodges include Mihingo Safari Lodge. Mihingo lodge is found within the park and has a good record on taking good care of its visitors.

Lodging in Lake Mburo Safari Lodge is safe and in better conditions. This lodge has self-contained tented camp and they are built on wooden platforms.  There are also on lake views and also in the forests. You will not even tell if you have a neighbor or not. A swimming pool is available and it is known as the infinity pool. The food is delicious and good for your body. You will enjoy the classic luxury in the wilderness at UGX 1,223,000

Leopard rest lodge also provides accommodation facilities and is found in Lake Mburo National Park. The camp costs UGX18,745  per night and UGX449,388  for 3 guests per night. You will sight the recreations due to the good location of the lodge. There is also breakfast and also luxury and nice camping plus sleeping under stars. Kids also enjoy this place.

Rwakobo Rock Lodge is a mid range accommodation found in Lake Mburo National Park. The lodge has cottages and restrooms which are cozy. While at the lodge you will enjoy the big rest rooms and the stunning view. There is hot water and charging systems at the bar. The staff is welcoming and are kind. There is also a beautiful swimming pool and the food is also delicious.

Lake Mburo Luxury tented camp has trained and skilled staff to support you in one way or the other. It is constructed in a unique style and this is because it of the unique style of Lake Mburo National Park. It has a world class accommodation. It is found inside the park and thus being used by many visitors.

There are also Arcadia Cottages in Lake Mburo National Park. These are adamantine and have got various tricks and features which attract tourists to sleepover and not book in any other lodging company.

Rwonyo rest camp was also influenced by the growing number of visitors to Lake Mburo National Park. Rwonyo Camp is operated by Uganda Wildlife Authority. There are many tents on the left and bandas are inform of cabins. There is basic accommodation and no coin will be added in your wonderful experience. The accommodation of this place is affordable and they work hard to protect the life of tourists in Lake Mburo national park.

Facts About Lake Mburo National Park.

Facts about Lake Mburo national park talk about the amazing and beautiful nature appearances that are located within the park. Lake Mburo national park is the one of the smallest parks in Uganda. The park lies on an area of 260 sq. kilometers. The park has got a wonderful elevation varies which are between 1220m-1828m above the sea level. Lake Mburo national park can be reached through using Mbarara- Masaka highway which takes about 3-4 hours from Kampala the capital city of Uganda and the overall distance is 240km.

Lake Mburo National Park was formed as a result of rocky and dry environments that are located in the west plus wetlands found in the East thus the park being a favorable environment for the activities that incur within the park and also favoring the health conditions of animals. The parks creeks are about 50km high and the canal are there to link 14 lakes which are located in the park and of which 5 are located between the boundaries of the national park and lake Mburo is known to be the largest of all.

There are different entrances in Lake Mburo national park that are recommended as entrance to access the nature of Lake Mburo. These are the gates one can use to enter the park and they include the Sanga gate and Nshara gate. Sanga and Nshara gates can all take you to the destination but each gate has a different distance when coming from Kampala to reach them due to their locations for instance Sanga gate has 12 kilometers whereas   Nshara gate has about 48 kilometers and this makes Sanga to be the favorable one to use.

The park has awesome landscapes which attracts most of the visitors to come and visit the park and to watch them too, these landscapes include the golden savannah, rolling hills, ancient rocks and 5 lakes with Lake Mburo as the largest.

More so about the facts of Lake Mburo, the park is made up of 14 blue pure lakes. These lakes make it possible to harbor animal’s lives and maintain the stable states of plants by providing pure winds. Western Savannah is transerved by frosted gorges and rocky ridges plus the 20% of the park is covered by long lakes and creeks and are found in the eastern parts. There are riparian shrubs and good and quality papyrus which align on the blue water. In the past, savannah was freely opened but currently it is covered  by low forest and shrubs which were born due to lack of elephants in the park because they are the ones that eat the vegetation thus Savannah becoming closed by shrubs. In the end, the park became a habitat for predators and these are known as dangerous animals which attack and sometime kill the parks visitors.

Lake Mburo National Park is a semi humid forest which is closed by canopy hence meaning the park is covered by small patches of grown up tropical forests on the western side of lake Mburo and these are good habitats for animals. Lake Mburo is among the 3 parks that host Burchell’s Zebra and Impala. Another fact is that it hosts 2 monkey species and they include vervet Monkey and baboons. These monkey species are seen in the forest trees playing and having fun.

Lake Mburo national park has got a lot of animals.  Among these animals, there are both land predator and aquatic and some of these animals are likely to attack tourists but the park has a well trained and experienced commit to protect people from these animals from attacking them. Some of the animals are threats to human life and to their fellow animals, namely predators and some are friendly to humans and fellow animals.

Some of land predator’s that may be found in the park include spotted hyenas, white tailed mongoose and side- striped jackal. Aquatic predators include African crocodile. Mighty African crocodile are harsh to human and have no mercy to or any living fresh. There are also 3 otter species and many more to find in the beautiful pure blue waters of Lake Mburo. Due to presence of predators, guides are highly trained to protect their lives and the lives of the visitors so as to maintain a good record in the park.

Lake Mburo National Park has got other facts and among them are the range of activities that take place in the park and they include horse riding plus nature walk safari. This enables visitors to watch closely animals. Bird watching is another activity that occurs in the park and over 315 bird species are watched by keenest bird watchers. You will watch different birds and among them are the savannah and forest birds. Take an example of Pigeons that are white and grey plus short legs and these enable them to live in the park because it has dry woods and also rocky environment. A harrier hawk is a prey found in the sky of the park and is known for killing other creatures for food. There are also double -toothed barbet, grey backed camaroptera, narina trogon.

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