2022 Gorilla Habituation Experience Bwindi Safaris

The gorilla habituation experience is a great adventure

2022 Gorilla Habituation Experience Bwindi Safaris

Our 2022 gorilla habituation experience for Bwindi Safaris is made and arranged specifically to give everlasting experience to travelers while ensuring that they get enough value for their money they pay for the gorilla habituation safari.  Still, our 2022 gorilla habituation experience for Bwindi Safaris are favorable for those who would like to spend more time with a mountain gorilla in Bwindi but with limited time within the Park and thus we call upon all the visitors within Uganda and outside the world to come and team up with our 2022 gorilla habituation experience for Bwindi Safaris

Gorilla habituation experience in Uganda is not as old as gorilla trekking and it was introduced in 2015 by the Uganda wildlife authority to meet the demand of the people who are interested in spending more time with endangered mountain gorillas. In the whole world, the gorilla habituation experience only happens in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park and the Rushaga and Nkuringo gorilla trekking regions. This means that visitors who are interested in the gorilla habituation experience should planning spending all the days in the southern part as they enjoy this great experience.

In Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park, gorilla habituation experience starts as early as 6;30 and here you will be joined by a team of rangers, trackers, and researchers who are experts in training gorillas such that they can get used to human beings. The activity starts with a briefing and only 4 people are allowed to go for this activity at a time, upon seeing the gorillas, you will be able to get 4 hours of viewing gorillas in their natural wildness or environment. Note that you will not be spending 4 hours only on seeing alone abut you will be participating in other activities as well such as calling names, collecting samples, take photographs and making some short video as you ask any question that you would like to know about the endangered mountain gorillas.

Why 2022 gorilla habituation experience for Bwindi Safaris?

There different reasons and advantages as to why one should opt to go for a gorilla habituation experience on Bwindi Safari in 2022. However, most people look at this experience as the expensive one but it creates value for the money paid and it cheaper compared to the normal gorilla trekking. Visitors interested in taking gorilla habituation experience will be reacquired by the gorilla habituation experience ticket that costs USD1500 per tourist per trek and this includes the four hours of seeing the gorillas while one would need to pay USD700 and enjoy one hour of seeing the gorillas. This in turn means that visitors wishing to do gorilla trekking for four hours will need USD2800 since each gorilla permit costs Usd700 and this makes it somehow more expensive considering that even you will be even catering for yourself the accommodation facility.

The gorilla habituation experience is a great adventure for you and your family and it is always important that you book a gorilla trekking permit for this great activity early enough in order not to miss out on this great gorilla trekking activity conducted in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National park.

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