1 Day Chimpanzee Safari In Budongo Forest

The reserve has 6 habituated chimpanzee families

1 Day Chimpanzee Trekking Safari In Uganda To Budongo Forest

1 day chimpanzee trekking safari in Budongo forest takes you to Kaniyo Pabidi in Murchison falls national park Uganda. Budongo forest is situated in the western part of Uganda in the district of Masindi about 4 hour’s drive from Kampala city as you head to Murchison falls national park the biggest in Uganda. Budongo forest covers a total area of 793 sq. km and it harbors different wildlife species among which include 360 bird species, 465 tree species, 289 butterfly species, 9 primate species, 130 moth species as well as 24 mammal species. Budongo forest is famous for mahogany trees and a big number of chimpanzees that are about 700.

The reserve has 6 habituated chimpanzee families that can be trekked at any time of the year meaning that visitors have high chances of seeing these primates. trekking in Budongo starts with a briefing after which a ranger guide leads you into the forest to look for these amazing primates that share 98% human DNA. Chimpanzee trekking takes 30 minutes to several hours and the time taken to find them depends on the location of these primates. Budongo forest is controlled and managed by the Uganda wildlife authority and the Jane Goodall Institute.

Detailed itinerary

On this day you will be picked by your driver guide from your hotel who will explain to you and everything concerning your 1 day chimpanzee trekking safari in Budongo. You will start on your journey northwards to Budongo forest reserve for chimpanzee trekking with beautiful views of the beautiful vegetation, land scape, plantations, towns, happy people and much more with stopovers for photography. Upon reaching Masindi, you will have a stopover for lunch at any of the restaurants as you prepare for chimpanzee trekking. After lunch, you will drive to Pabidi and take part in chimpanzee trekking briefing after which a ranger will lead you into the forest to search for these primates since they very well know about the forest trails. During chimpanzee trekking in Budongo forest, you will come across different tree species such as mahogany, different bird species, snakes, and some primates like olive monkeys, vervet monkeys. When you meet the chimpanzees, you will be given an hour to spend with them, get to learn about their habits, watch them do daily activities, and take photos. After trekking, you will meet your driver and start on your journey back to Kampala.

Tour includes

Chimpanzee permits

Entrance fees


Drinking water


Service of an English-speaking guide

Tour excludes 

International flights



Personal expenses

Life insurance

Extra activities

How to access Budongo central forest.

Budongo forest reserve is located in north-western Uganda in Masindi district in Uganda. From Kampala to Budongo forest takes you about 3 hours and one can pass by Masindi forest first before going to Budongo forest.

Accommodation in Budongo forest

Budongo eco lodge: this is a budget located within Budongo forest reserve. The lodge has a good area for relaxation and a beautiful environment. The lodge has dorm rooms constructed for a big group of people and special cabins with in the balconies. Budongo eco lodge has a good restaurant with both local and international dishes. While at Budongo eco lodge, you can engage in activities such as chimpanzee trekking, chimpanzee habituation experience, nature walk and bird watching. Apart from Budongo eco lodge, visitors can go to the nearby town in masindi or in Murchison falls national park and for those who love camping it can be organized with in the forest reserve depending on budget and the type of accommodation.

What other activities can you take on your 1 Day Chimpanzee trekking safari in Uganda to Budongo forest?

Chimpanzee habituation experience: this is a process of getting chimpanzees get used to human presence around them. The habituation process takes about 2 years to complete the process. In Budongo forest, visitors can take part in the chimpanzee habituation process most especially in wet season when there are less visitors to the forest. The habituation process involves following a particular group of chimpanzees, learning about their behaviors under the guidance of researchers and guides. This activity is different from chimpanzee trekking because it takes you a full day and visited are given more time to spend with the chimpanzees, feed them play with them while learning about their habits. In order to have the best chimpanzee habituation experience, you must move with good hiking boots, gloves, sun glasses, long sleeved clothes and a hat. Permits for chimpanzee habituation experience cost USD 160

Bird watching: Budongo forest is among the best places to go for bird watching in Uganda because there are about 360 bird species in the area. Birders move with experienced birder guides around the forest. Royal mile located within Busingiro area is the best place to spot most of the bird species in a day. The rare bird species to look for are the pitta reichenowi, guinea Congo forest-biome, yellow footed flycatcher, parmaptila woodhousei and illadopsis.

Nature walks: nature walks are organized in the forest and the tourists are led by the guide deep into the forest. The forest has tall mahogany tress that are about 70 years old. During the nature walk you will see a number of birds, wild animals and tree species. When you connect to the plains of Murchison falls you will see some mammals such as buffaloes, lions, elephants, leopards and warthogs among others.

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